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Toys, lube, massage oils, and other treats are inside these convenient kits with all you need to create a sexy situation for yourself or your partner. Use these as gifts, on special occasions, or for every day fun and exploration.

Most Popular

These toys, lubes, and accessories are the most sought-after among the bunch, but it hasn’t gone to their heads; you’ll love them and they’ll love you back.

Staff Favorites


Silicone dildos and soft leather cuffs, shiny steel butt plugs and Slippery Stuff… these are a few of our favorite things. They may not fit into a family friendly song, but they have us singing their praises none-the-less.From riding crops to ben wa balls, we have every toy that you need to fulfill your Fifty Shades fantasies. Whisper-quiet bullets, light-up rabbits, multiple motors, and much, much more! Vibes are the most versatile and beloved toys out there.


From realistic cocks to stunning glass and crystal creations, you’ve got a lot of options for strapping on, packing, and hitting all of the right spots. Discover the power and pleasure of strapping it on, no matter what your anatomy.

Anal Toys
Anal Toys

From prep to prostate massage, we’ve got everything you need to have fun with your butt.


Few things are quite as much fun as discovering a new kink. Whether it’s a titillating night with a blindfold and a feather tickler, a dungeon party, or a rigorous game of doctor, we’ve got you covered.

Sex Toys for Men
Sex Toys for Men

Girls aren’t the only ones who want to have fun! There’s a whole world of toys out there to heighten sensitivity, enhance erections, and give you unprecedented sensation. Sexual Health Products! Here’s another great thing about sex: making healthy choices is its own reward.

Sexual Enhancers

Make your sex life even more exciting.

Condoms, Dams & Gloves
Condoms, Dams & Gloves

Finding the right fit makes safer sex sexier than ever.

Personal Lubricant
Personal lubricant!

When it comes to sex, everything’s better wetter!

Massage, Tickle & Tease
Massage, Tickle & Tease
Kick your foreplay up a notch with luxurious massage candles, decadent edible body products, and more!

Batteries & Accessories

Explore everything from stylish sex toy storage to sex-enhancing furniture. And don’t get caught with your pants down without plenty of batteries!

Bachelorette Sex Toys
Bachelorette Sex Toys

Whether it’s the bachelorette’s last night of freedom, a birthday, or just gathering with friends, make your party more provocative with our selection of sexy gifts and favors.

Adult DVD's
Adult DVD’s at Adult World Live we have over 19,000 titles we offer the biggest selection of Adult films for sale in southern New Jersey and on the Jersey shore.

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